Updates from WY, MA, and WA

Three updates worth sharing - one from each side of the country.  If you have thoughts or questions, please click the story above to comment on the story, or place a question/comment in the forums (we use Muut - which is spam free).  Phil Eskew

  • Wyoming's Governor Mead signed SF0049 Direct Primary Care Insurance Exemption into law on leap day (Feb 29th).  Check it out when you get a chance.  It is now one of the best examples of DPC law (of the 15 states with active laws)
  • In Massachusetts, where discussions are under way that could lead to DPC legislation next year, Jeff Gold has obtained a helpful letter (which was uploaded to the Massachusetts page)  from Daniel Judson (the Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance).  
  • In Washington state Qliance recently restructured and has changed ownership.  Jeff Bezos (of Amazon), Nick Hanauer, Rich Barton (of Zillow), Drew Carey (comedian), Michael Dell, and others had their stakes purchased as part of the management buyout by co-founder and CEO Erika Bliss, MD and president Cheryl Kilodavis.  Going from 40,000 to 25,000 patients and changing ownership in this way is concerning, but we wish Qliance well.