North Dakota

North Dakota has no DPC laws at present and we are not aware of any planned actions at this time.  No practices have been located within the state.  Be sure to review the North Dakota Insurance Code when planning your DPC practice.

In 2015 Mark J Hardy, Pharm D, Executive Director of the ND State Board of Pharmacy published this helpful Administrative Guidelines for Practitioner Dispensing in North Dakota. Here is the most important language:

“Physicians are exempt from the pharmacy practice statutory requirements under North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) 43-15-02”. Exemptions - “A duly licensed practitioner of medicine supplying the practitioner's own patients with such remedies as the practitioner may desire.” And North Dakota Administrative Code (NDAC) 61-04-02-01

– The exemption contained in subsection 1 of NDCC 43-15-02 for a duly licensed practitioner of medicine supplying the practitioner’s own patients with such remedies as the practitioner may desire shall exempt such practitioners who dispense remedies as an incident to the practice of their profession for a patient’s immediate needs, which would be those drugs required for a seventy-two hour time period, full course of antibiotic treatment, starter pack of pre-packaged medications, or up to a ten day supply of initial therapy of maintenance medication that should be started immediately, but shall not exempt such a practitioner who regularly engages in dispensing such remedies to the practitioner’s patients for which such patients are charged either separately or together with charges for other professional services, from recordkeeping, dispensing, labeling, counseling as required by NDCC 43-15-31.2, patient profile system as required by NDCC 43-15-31.1, and all other requirements of the practice of pharmacy as set forth in this chapter or by federal and state laws as they pertain to the regulation of practice of pharmacy. Documented charts shall meet the requirements of the patient profile system.”