Vermont has no DPC laws at present, but the legislature is beginning to consider the idea of DPC legislative proposals.  At least one DPC practice is located in Vermont. Be sure to review the Vermont Insurance Code when planning your DPC practice, and note that while Vermont has passed legislation planning the formation of a single payor system in 2017, the implementation effort was abandoned due to cost concerns. However a recent Universal Primary Care proposal has been made in the form of House Bill 207, but this bill has yet to make it out of committee and is unlikely to advance.  

Title 08 : Banking And Insurance, Chapter 101 : Insurance Companies Generally, Subchapter 001 : Formation

§ 3301a. Insurance defined

As used in this title, "insurance" means an agreement to indemnify or otherwise assume an obligation, provide services or any other thing of value on the happening of a particular event or contingency, or to provide indemnity for loss with respect to a specified subject by specified circumstances in return for a consideration. Without limiting the generality of the term, "insurance" shall include any business defined in section 3301 of this title, annuity contracts, and the business of health maintenance organizations and continuing care retirement communities. (Added 2001, No. 71, § 2, eff. June 16, 2001.)

Vermont Title 08 : Banking And Insurance, Chapter 139 : Health Maintenance Organization

§ 5101. Definitions
(2) "Health maintenance organization" means any person who furnishes, either directly or through arrangements with others, comprehensive health care services to an enrolled member in return for periodic payments; the amounts of said payments are agreed upon prior to the time during which the health care services may be furnished; and who is obligated to the member to arrange for or to provide directly available and accessible health care services.
(4) "Health care services" means physician, hospitalization, laboratory, x-ray service, and medical equipment and supplies, which may include: medical, surgical, and dental care; psychological, obstetrical, osteopathic, optometric, optic, podiatric, chiropractic, nursing, physical therapy services, and pharmaceutical services; health education; preventive medical, rehabilitative, and home health services; inpatient and outpatient hospital services, extended care, nursing home care, convalescent institutional care, laboratory and ambulance services, appliances, drugs, medicines, and supplies; and any other care, service, or treatment of disease or conditions, or the maintenance of the physical and mental well-being of members.