Numerous DPC practices have been located in Nevada, but no DPC laws are in place, and none appear to be planned at this time.  If you have aspirations of opening another DPC practice in Nevada, be sure to begin by reviewing Nevada Revised Statute Title 57 - Insurance when preparing to draft your contract.  

Physician dispensing is permitted, but the DPC office must apply by completing this application, paying a $300 fee to the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy, and submitting to an inspection of the premises prior to dispensing any medications. “You must be the only person who prepares prescriptions for dispensing unless you designate an employee or employees to serve as a dispensing technician. Please see “Licensing Application” tab on the home page for the application for a dispensing technician in training. A minimum of 500 hours is required to a dispensing technician in training. If your dispensing address changes, you will be required to submit a new application before moving and pay the $300.00. The new location will require an inspection.'“ Practitioners who dispense only dangerous drugs (not controlled substances) are exempt from reporting requirements.

There is a Self-Assessment Inspection Process form that should be completed. It states “Each practitioner is required to personally order all medications that they will dispense. The practitioner must personally check in the medications ordered for dispensing. On arrival the practitioner must secure all medications that the practitioner will dispense so that no other person, including other practitioners, have access to the medications the practitioner will dispense under his/her dispensing practitioner registration except as allowed under NAC. All invoices for medications must be invoiced to the practitioner. (NAC 639.745) The practitioner also understands that he/she can only dispense medications that the practitioner prescribes, not medications prescribed by another practitioner.” NP and PA dispensing applications are linked on this page.