Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why create DPC Frontier?

DPC Frontier was founded with the goal of becoming the "go to" resource that will facilitate the growth of the DPC movement among physicians.  We believe that direct primary care will be the centerpiece of a new and effective healthcare system that meets the oft quoted triple-aim of access, cost, and quality.  We believe that price transparency and honesty are critical to the patient-physician relationship. We are happy to provide detailed advice and guidance for DPC physicians free of charge (while others often charge thousands of dollars for less comprehensive information) with the hope that audiences attending in-person DPC events will now be able to discuss details at a higher level.  We want to facilitate a dialogue among the physician community by providing accurate information, informative blog posts, and lively and open discussion forums - no passwords or dues required.

2) Where did you acquire all this information?

Years and years of research.  You're welcome!

3) If you do not charge for information how does this site make money?

For now we expect this site to grow along with the DPC movement.  It may eventually be monetized through advertisements, but the content will always remain free to any user.  

4) What if I found inaccurate information on your site?

Please tell us right away!