Indiana became the 19th state to pass legislation (SB 303) on 04/21/17 now found in Indiana Code TITLE 25. Professions and Occupations ARTICLE 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS CHAPTER 10. Direct Primary Care Agreements defining direct primary care as outside of insurance (the measure can be tracked here).  DPC practices are already operational within the state.  It is still wise to review the Indiana Insurance Code when planning your DPC practice.

Physician and mid-level dispensing are permitted in Indiana. Please see Indiana Pharmacy Laws. IC 35-48-7-5.8 a practitioner is defined as, “…a Physician, Dentist, Veterinarians, Podiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Scientific Investigators, Pharmacists, Hospital, or any other institution or individual licensed, registered, or otherwise permitted to distribute, dispense or conduct research with respect to, or administer a controlled substance in the course of professional practice or research in the United States.”

IC 25-26-13-17 Sec. 17. (a) The board shall establish classes of pharmacy permits as follows: Type II. An institutional permit for hospitals, clinics, health care facilities, sanitariums, nursing homes, or dispensaries that offer pharmaceutical care by dispensing a drug product to an inpatient under a drug order or to an outpatient of the institution under a prescription. Type III. A permit for a pharmacy that is not: (A) open to the general public; or (B) located in an institution listed under a Type II permit; and provides pharmaceutical care to a patient who is located in an institution or in the patient's home.

The link to the application for a pharmacy permit is on this page and requires a $100 fee.