DPC Presentation with AAPS

For those that would like to see a presentation I gave on DPC in Orlando on January 30th with AAPS, feel free to view it with this link.  Feel free to post any thoughts, comments, or questions below.  I'll have a few exciting announcement about my future DPC plans later this week.

If you want to ask questions via email I can be reached at PHIL@dpcfrontier.com.  If you would like to talk in person, I will be attending the events listed below.

 Mar 4-5, 2016 Consortium for Southeastern Hypertension Control DPC Track - Charleston, SC
April 8-9, 2016 Advanced Healthcare Models: Direct Primary Care - Raleigh, NC (Use code FORREST for $250 off registration)
July 8-10, 2016 Direct Primary Care Summit - Kansas City, MO

Phil Eskew