How To Use DPC Frontier

Are you a fellow physician?

We are happy you found us!  If you are new to DPC then we recommend you start by learning as much as you can.  One might begin by reviewing the resources tab.  The resources section offers links to many educational manuscripts both academic and nonacademic, includes links to recordings with many experts discussing DPC, and discusses issues regarding Medicare and other relevant regulations. Once you decide to open a DPC practice, don't waste precious funds on non-physician consultants; excellent resources such as these free toolkits and our website (especially the starting a practice section) are available at no cost.  If you would like to use a consultant, start that conversation once you are already familiar with the model so that you know which questions to ask and can thus minimize those fees. Many DPC physicians find that consulting is bundled into a network, and many DPC networks are available to choose from.  You will know that you have really decided to join the DPC movement when you decide to attend a DPC conference or enter the conversations on our discussion forums.  If you have trouble finding an item of interest, please type it in the search bar below and let us know that you had difficulty finding this topic.

Are you a fellow attorney?

We are glad you are here as well.  You have likely been approached by a physician wanting to practice a low cost, high quality type of medicine in a business model previously unknown to you.  You will need to determine whether the physician's proposed business model amounts to the "unlawful sale of insurance" or an illegal HMO arrangement and take contractual / practice design steps to mitigate these risks.  The states listed (and linked) on our "states" page will guide you to any state specific issues we are aware of in your jurisdiction. Some states are in bold for emphasis, and these have passed DPC law which usually clarifies some of the risk issues articulated above. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Are you a fellow health policy researcher?

We are glad to make all these resources freely available to you.  Dr. Eskew has been researching all aspects of direct primary care since 2008 and feels that an "open access" approach is the best way to grow the adoption of DPC.  You will probably find the DPC practice mapper and the academic and nonacademic manuscripts will be the most useful items for your purposes.  We are happy to assist in any way that we can in your research efforts.  We ask that you not plagiarize our data.  Please appropriately cite the webpage when you decide to use portions of content.  If you would like to collaborate on a research efforts we are happy to consider requests as time permits. 

Are you an employer?

DPC is a great option for your employees, especially if your business is self insured with stop loss.  At present DPC cannot be used with health savings accounts, but SB 1989 has been offered to correct this problem.  Please enjoy our employers area of the recordings section as well and use the mapper to locate practices in your area.  You might also be especially interested in the price transparency section of our ancillary topics page, which is aimed at reducing health care costs beyond the primary care setting.