Our Service Offerings

1) DPC Self Help-Legal Services - Dr. Eskew is happy to make this large volume of resources freely available on DPC Frontier.  He has used his dual background in medicine and law to painstakingly research and organize the content of this site.  Be sure to check out the detailed resources and states pages.  If you have lots of questions, attending one of the many events can often be the most cost effective way to "drink from the fire hose" and obtain answers.  Dr. Eskew is happy to answer quick questions via email at no cost to fellow physicians.  Please contact him at phil@dpcfrontier.com. Also consider posting your message in our forums so that others may benefit as well.  If you require more extensive advise those arrangement can be made as well as of 2017.

2) Legal - Dr. Eskew is a member of the Kentucky Bar.  He is also general counsel and the VP of Clinical Development with ProactiveMD.  He attempts to make resources freely available to fellow physicians, thereby lowering legal barriers to entry.  Examples of various agreements (some of which are listed below) are available upon physician request.  Legal items commonly needed by DPC physicians (but uncommon to other groups of physicians) include:

  • DPC Standard Patient Agreements
  • DPC Medicare (Opt-Out) Patient Agreements
  • Filing Opt Out Documentation with appropriate Medicare Carriers
  • Advertisement / Website Reviews
  • In office Dispensing Considerations

3) Legislation - If you are actively involved with any DPC legislative efforts at the state or federal level that we have not described on DPC Frontier, please contact us at info@dpcfrontier.com and contact the Direct Primary Care Coalition.  As time permits, Dr. Eskew will review legislative efforts (at no charge) to advance the DPC movement.  If you would like to make DPC legislative efforts a priority, we would be happy if you would financially support and join the Direct Primary Care Coalition.