Oklahoma recently enacted an excellent DPC law! Senate Bill 560 (The Health Care Empowerment Act) was signed into law on April 21, 2015 and the law's passage is now reflected in a new section of the Oklahoma Statutes Title 36 § 4604 and Oklahoma Statutes Title 36 § 4605.  Oklahoma's Health Care Empowerment Act makes Oklahoma the 11th state to pass a DPC legislation.  At the time of its passage it was the best DPC law available. It contains a clear three-part definition of DPC, statements that DPC is not insurance, expected patient protections, and the prohibition of any required registration.  The legislation begins by clarifying that there shall be no law banning third party free medicine.  It did lack an official "not insurance" mandatory disclosure that is found in most other state DPC laws.

Physician dispensing is permitted, even via machine, but not specifically discussed in the medical practice act. The Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision has lots of helpful forms available on this page. A variety of policies including a medical office audit form and a policy on internet prescribing.

A few practices have been located within the state.  Be sure to review the Oklahoma Insurance Code when planning your DPC practice. Also note that DPC practices in this area benefits from the price transparency efforts of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma.