Wyoming has the best DPC law on the books!  It was signed into law by Governor Mead on Feb 29, 2016 and was encoded in Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 26-1-104(a)(vi) and § 26-22-301(c).  This makes Wyoming the 15th state with DPC legislation (and the 11th with helpful legislation).  Many new DPC practices have been launched within Wyoming within the past year.  As a precaution, we continue to recommend that Wyoming practices review the Wyoming Insurance Code when planning their practice.

- Dr. Eskew is a family physician that started his medical training in West Virginia, and he is often asked why he did not return to the state.  In this manuscript in the West Virginia Medical Journal he explains some of the reasons he chose to move to Wyoming. 
Why this West Virginia Trained Physician Moved to Wyoming, Eskew, P.  WV J Med, 2015;111(6):8-9. 
(Available open-access online via the West Virginia Medical Journal website)

- The Fall 2015 (Vol 6, No. 2) edition of Wyoming Medicine highlighted DPC in multiple articles.  

- Physician Employment Contracting Overview by Nick Healey

- Covenants not to compete are generally enforced in Wyoming (as described in sections 6 & 7 in CBM Geosolutions In v Gas Sensing Technology Corp by the Wyoming Supreme Court in 2009)

- Wyoming physicians have access to many helpful (free) resources:
Wyoming Telehealth Network (a free telemedicine platform)
Wyoming Department of Health forms
Wyoming Total Health Record (free EMR if you live in Wyoming)