Pennsylvania has no DPC laws at present but HB 1739 has already passed and SB 926 is being debated.  The Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians has actively supported the DPC movement.  Multiple DPC practices are located within the state, and the largest, R-Health is attempting to form a network of DPC providers.  Be sure to review the Pennsylvania Insurance Code when planning your DPC practice.  Also note Pennsylvania's definition of a Health Maintenance Organization: PA Code Section 301.2 Definitions "An organized system which combines the delivery and financing of health care and which provides basic health services to voluntary enrolled members for a fixed prepaid fee."  Language like this may be found in many states and provides one more reason why it is often safer to bill in arrears (thus avoiding any "prepaid" argument) and why passing through lab work & medications at cost rather than including them in a bundled price is also often recommended (avoiding the "fixed" argument).

Pennsylvania has no physician dispensing registration requirement and no specific requirements for physician dispensing. Thanks to Kim Corba, DO for this excellent example of an in office dispensing policy!