DPC Summit 2018 (all recordings are linked here) and the agenda is available here

DPC Nuts & Bolts to 2.0 (2016, 2017, 2018)

Association of American Physicians & Surgeons

Free Market Medical Association

DPC Summit 2013 (Unfortunately only the 2013 lectures were recorded in their entirety- thank you FMEC!)

  • Page 1 (2013 DPC Summit)

    • Lisa Thatcher and Doug Nunamaker, MD

    • DPC Town Hall Where Do We Go From Here

    • Ann Boger and Marilyn Guthrie

    • John Muney, MD

    • Chip Whitney for Randy Robinson

  • Page 2 (2013 DPC Summit)

    • Jay Keese

    • Eric Page

    • Rushika Fernandopulle, MD, Clint Flanagan, MD, and Eric Page

    • John Backus, Tom Rodgers, and Lauren Driscoll

    • Ben Matthews and Charles Queen

  • Page 3 (2013 DPC Summit)

    • Dave Chase

    • Michael Wood

    • Gene Miller

    • Jay Fathi, MD

    • Erika Bliss, MD

  • Page 4 (2013 DPC Summit)

    • Brian Forrest, MD

    • A. Patrick Jonas, MD

    • Gabriel Fine

    • Garrison Bliss, MD

Hint Summit 2019

Hint Summit 2018 (June 2018)

Hint Summit 2017 (04/28/17)  (link to Hint Library, including D4PC videos)

  • How Health Care Stole the American Dream (Dave Chase)

  • Our Vision for Accelerating Direct Care (Zak Holdsworth)

  • Crossing the Direct Care Chasm (Tom Kippola)

  • The Direct Care Category Journey (Dave Peterson)

  • Building a Consumer Centric Healthcare Service (Dr. Robin Berzin)

  • From Hybrid to Network (Dr. Clint Flanagan)

  • Direct Care Policies in the Trump Era (Jay Keese)

  • The Future Legal and Regulatory Landscape of Direct Care (Dr. Phil Eskew)

  • Profiling a Physician Led Movement (Dr. Lisa Davidson)

  • A Direct Care Retrospective (Dr. Ken Rictor)

  • Starting a Successful DPC Micropractice (Dr. Julie Gunther)

  • Telemedicine Trends in Direct Care (Ray Bradford)

  • Tech Insights From Twine Health (Dr. John Moore)

  • Tech Insights From Elation Health (Kyna Fong)

  • Fireside Chat: Accelerating Direct Care Through Consumer Marketing (Dave Chase, Tom Kippola, Dave Peterson, Zak Holdsworth)

  • Panel: Cracking the Employer Code With Direct Care (Jon Hernandez, John Collier, Drew Kallestad, Dr. Clint Flanagan, Andy Neary)

  • Bringing Subscription Models into your Practice (Lori-Ann Martell, Clint Flanagan, MD, Manish Patel)

DPC Summit 2015

Benjamin Rush Institute


For Employers


Heartland Podcast - How Direct Primary Care is Blazing a New Frontier in Affordable Healthcare
Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA & AnneMarie Schieber - Feb 19, 2019

Concierge Medicine Radio - Hosted by Clay Taylor (the DPC-focused talks are listed below)

AtlasMD Podcasts (Josh Umbehr, MD and Doug Nunamaker, MD)

Family Medicine Education Consortium, Inc (Laurence Bauer, MSW, MEd

Direct Primary Care Podcasts (Landon Roussel, MD)

  • Episode 1: DPC The Answer to Our Failing Primary Care System (Landon Roussel, MD)

  • Episode 2: What’s scarier to you? (Jeff Gold, MD)

  • Episode 3 : DPC for the underserved (Ryan Neuhofel, MD)

  • Episode 4: Legal Issues in Direct Primary Care (Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA)

  • Episode 5: DPC Legislative Updates (Jay Keese)

  • Episode 6: The Minority of the Individual (Josh Umbehr, MD)

  • Episode 7: The Direct Primary Care Summit (Landon Roussel, MD)

  • Episode 8: The Origins, Current State and Future of Direct Primary Care (Garrison Bliss, MD)