DPC Summit 2019
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Preconference Talks (non-CME):

Conference Talks (CME):

DPC Summit 2018 (all recordings are linked here with AAFP)

Pre-Conference Talks (nonCME):

  • What Do Employers Want/Need from Primary Care Practices
    (Jed Constanz, DBA, Michael Thompson)

  • Plenary Discussion with Employers Seeking Primary Care Solutions
    (Michael Thompson, Gloria Sachdev, Chris Syverson)

  • Seven Healthy Habits of Advanced Primary Care
    (Mike Tuggy, MD)

Conference Talks (CME):
Take a Leap of Truth (Jeff Gold, MD)
Prove it or Lose it: Defining Outcomes the DPC Way (Joel Bessmer, MD)
DPC as the Advanced Alternative Payment Model - National Update (Brian Forrest, MD)
If You’ve Seen One DPC Practice, You’ve Seen One DPC Practice (Panel)

DPC Summits in 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 unfortunately were NOT recorded.

DPC Summit 2013

  • Page 1 (2013 DPC Summit)

    • Lisa Thatcher and Doug Nunamaker, MD

    • DPC Town Hall Where Do We Go From Here

    • Ann Boger and Marilyn Guthrie

    • John Muney, MD

    • Chip Whitney for Randy Robinson

  • Page 2 (2013 DPC Summit)

    • Jay Keese

    • Eric Page

    • Rushika Fernandopulle, MD, Clint Flanagan, MD, and Eric Page

    • John Backus, Tom Rodgers, and Lauren Driscoll

    • Ben Matthews and Charles Queen

  • Page 3 (2013 DPC Summit)

    • Dave Chase

    • Michael Wood

    • Gene Miller

    • Jay Fathi, MD

    • Erika Bliss, MD

  • Page 4 (2013 DPC Summit)

    • Brian Forrest, MD

    • A. Patrick Jonas, MD

    • Gabriel Fine

    • Garrison Bliss, MD

DPC Nuts & Bolts to 2.0 (2016, 2017, 2018)

Association of American Physicians & Surgeons

Free Market Medical Association

Hint Summit 2019

Hint Summit 2018 (June 2018 - Agenda & Speakers)

Hint Summit 2017 (04/28/17)  (Conference Agenda)

  • How Health Care Stole the American Dream (Dave Chase)

  • Our Vision for Accelerating Direct Care (Zak Holdsworth)

  • Crossing the Direct Care Chasm (Tom Kippola)

  • The Direct Care Category Journey (Dave Peterson)

  • Building a Consumer Centric Healthcare Service (Dr. Robin Berzin)

  • From Hybrid to Network (Dr. Clint Flanagan)

  • Direct Care Policies in the Trump Era (Jay Keese)

  • The Future Legal and Regulatory Landscape of Direct Care (Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA)

  • Profiling a Physician Led Movement (Lisa Davidson, DO)

  • A Direct Care Retrospective (Ken Rictor, MD)

  • Starting a Successful DPC Micropractice (Julie Gunther, MD)

  • Telemedicine Trends in Direct Care (Ray Bradford)

  • Tech Insights From Twine Health (John Moore, MD)

  • Tech Insights From Elation Health (Kyna Fong)

  • Fireside Chat: Accelerating Direct Care Through Consumer Marketing (Dave Chase, Tom Kippola, Dave Peterson, Zak Holdsworth)

  • Panel: Cracking the Employer Code With Direct Care (Jon Hernandez, John Collier, Drew Kallestad, Clint Flanagan, MD Andy Neary)

  • Bringing Subscription Models into your Practice (Lori-Ann Martell, Clint Flanagan, MD, Manish Patel)

DPC Summit 2015

Benjamin Rush Institute


For Employers


Heartland Podcast - How Direct Primary Care is Blazing a New Frontier in Affordable Healthcare
Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA & AnneMarie Schieber - Feb 19, 2019

Concierge Medicine Radio - Hosted by Clay Taylor (the DPC-focused talks are listed below)

AtlasMD Podcasts (Josh Umbehr, MD and Doug Nunamaker, MD)

Family Medicine Education Consortium, Inc (Laurence Bauer, MSW, MEd

Direct Primary Care Podcasts (Landon Roussel, MD)

  • Episode 1: DPC The Answer to Our Failing Primary Care System (Landon Roussel, MD)

  • Episode 2: What’s scarier to you? (Jeff Gold, MD)

  • Episode 3 : DPC for the underserved (Ryan Neuhofel, DO, MPH)

  • Episode 4: Legal Issues in Direct Primary Care (Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA)

  • Episode 5: DPC Legislative Updates (Jay Keese)

  • Episode 6: The Minority of the Individual (Josh Umbehr, MD)

  • Episode 7: The Direct Primary Care Summit (Landon Roussel, MD)

  • Episode 8: The Origins, Current State and Future of Direct Primary Care (Garrison Bliss, MD)