- In 2015 Michigan became the seventh state to pass DPC legislation when Senate Bill No. 1033 was signed by the governor on Jan 10, 2015.  Michigan's DPC law can now be found in Michigan Compiled Laws § 500.129 Medical Retainer Agreement Not Subject to Act.  As always, a new DPC practice should continue to reference the Michigan Insurance Code when designing the DPC patient contracts.  

 - This act is generally helpful to DPC physicians, providing them with reassurance they will not face any business of insurance arguments, and is similar to the legislation enacted in Utah.  Unfortunately this also means that the language failed to distinguish DPC and concierge practices, instead lumping the groups together in the "retainer" category for the purposes of the bill.

- Michigan passed a Medicaid DPC Primary Care Pilot Program: Quarterly Report #1, Quarterly Report #3, Nov 1, 2018 Status Report.