Legislators drafted helpful legislation in the form of House File 2275 and House File 2356 that describes DPC as outside of insurance.  HF 2356 has passed the house and senate and subsequently was signed by the governor on 03/28/18.  Iowa became the 25th state to pass "not insurance" legislation!  It remains a wise idea to review the Iowa Administrative Code when planning your DPC practice.

Physician dispensing is permitted. Please see GENERAL PROVISIONS, HEALTH-RELATED PROFESSIONS, §147.107 of the Iowa Code. “A dentist, physician, podiatric physician, or prescribing psychologist who dispenses prescription drugs, other than drug samples, pursuant to this subsection, shall report the fact that they dispense prescription drugs with the practitioner’s respective board at least biennially and shall offer to provide the patient with a written prescription that may be dispensed from a pharmacy of the patient’s choice or offer to transmit the prescription orally, electronically, or by facsimile in accordance with section 155A.27 to a pharmacy of the patient’s choice.”