Potential Ultrasound Course Dates

Hello everyone! In the DPC community we are always about broadening the scope of primary care and doing as much as we can for our patients. To that end Maryal Concepcion, MD (a friend of mine from some DPC conferences) has asked that I place a poll about obtaining ultrasound training. Dr. Concepcion is friends with Kevin Bergman, MD of the Global Ultrasound Institute (https://globalultrasoundinstitute.com/#courses) and he is interested in teaching a Point-of-Care Ultrasound class in the Oakland or Touro area of California in the spring of 2020. Which of the following dates would be appealing to you?

Point-Of-Care Ultrasound Course Survey
Feb 20-21, 2020
Feb 27-28, 2020
Mar 5-6, 2020
Mar 12-13, 2020