Debate Rolls On - ACP Civil War Brewing? Commentary in FPM Coming Soon!

American College of Physicians (ACP) authored an inaccurate paper many months ago that I covered here.  We knew that many within the ACP likely disagreed with the paper that lumped DPC with concierge (and then challenged the ethics of physicians practicing in either model), but now we have direct proof of in-house opposition.

The Mapper Expands - The folks at the Heartland Institute are doing great work highlighting direct primary care in Hawaii, and they located the 1st DPC practice in Hawaii as well! Nebraska will soon have DPC practices as well.  This leaves the Dakotas and Iowa as the three remaining states without a DPC practice.  

Family Practice Management - keep your eyes out for the next edition of FPM (the Sept/Oct 2016 volume).  It should have an entertaining back and fourth about the merits of DPC.  If you are aware of any academic or nonacademic articles we have missed - let us know!  We want to hear about it!

Prior Authorizations - For those that enjoyed my commentary on this topic at the DPC Summit - all your thanks should go out to Greg Zydiak, MD.  Check out my original blog post on this topic if you want to end all your time wasting prior authorization requests.