A Few June Updates

Some late June updates:

H.R.5447 - Small Business Health Care Relief Act of 2016 has passed the House!  Hopefully the Senate will send it to President Obama.  This legislation would correct the $100 per day fine that small businesses could theoretically face for offering anything less than full insurance (as discussed in detail on my tax page).  

DPC Summit - This event is coming up fast!  The event will be from July 8-10 in Kansas City.  Do your homework beforehand and come with lots of ideas and questions to share with others.  I'll be speaking three times at the event and my slides are ready!  There are lots of legal updates at the state and federal levels to share, and if all goes as planned I hope to hand out a free DPC Frontier Informational Packet to attendees as well.  Another not-to-miss event is the DPC Nuts and Bolts conference in Texas this fall - and this one is free!

Medicaid - I've been receiving more an more inquiries about how DPC interacts with Medicaid. See the full write up and let me know if anything remains unaddressed! 

I am currently attending the American Health Lawyers Association Annual Meeting in Denver. There will be many updates to share in the coming weeks, including several new patient privacy laws that should be considered.

Things are quiet at the state legislative level for now.  If you have thoughts on this (or any other blog posts) just click on the title so that you can comment.  I am happy to answer questions in the forums as well.