State Legislative Update, Events, Projects

State By State Update below:

Alaska - I reached out recently, but no response, hopefully will reintroduce legislation
Montana - extensive conversations, well written (new) bill with high chance of passage
Indiana - recently contacted, strong interest in legislation
Kentucky - many conversations about legislative language, expect bill this session
Georgia - expect them to reintroduce prior DPC legislation
Florida - many discussions, expect a reintroduction of prior DPC legislation
South Carolina - very early discussions, difficult to predict
Virginia - will reintroduce, but same Governor & legislature, so repeat veto likely
Pennsylvania - many discussions with PAFP, expect a bill to be introduced
New Hampshire - will hopefully reintroduce bill from prior session
West Virginia - drafting a repeal and replace of their poor early DPC legislation
Arkansas - drafting repeal and replace language for their unhelpful DPC legislation

See the map at the top of the states page for a full view of the landscape.

Upcoming events of note:
AAPS Third Party Free Workshop - Orlando Jan 27, 2017
AAFP DPC Workshop - Atlanta March 11, 2017

Non-Legislative Projects I'm working on include:
1) An article (hopefully of the academic variety) about the "Three Villains of Healthcare" - the worst culprits will likely surprise you (the health insurance companies didn't make the list).
2) The theoretical zero overhead DPC practice
3) Clinical Pearls of the DPC variety

Did I miss a state with planned legislation?  Is there another project you would like me to consider?  Please click the title above so that you can insert your comment below or consider posting in our forums.  Are you looking for employment as a DPC physician?  Are you considering hiring another DPC physician? Just send me your ad with a link and I'll get it posted at no cost to you.  Merry Christmas!