Paladina - An Invitation to Join the Conversation

I have been attending every event and reading every article I can find about Direct Primary Care since 2008.  At this point there are is really only one large DPC group of which I continue to remain unfamiliar:  Paladina Health, LLC (owned by DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc). Paladina appears much larger than the average DPC group, but remains surprisingly quiet within the DPC community.  

To the best of my knowledge they operate mostly on-site employer-focused DPC clinics and choose to employ their DPC physicians directly. This job advertisement highlights panels of 600-800 patients per provider, with 2-3 providers per clinic.  They claim to operate employer-sponsored DPC clinics in 13-15 states.  After reviewing their website I was able to locate 37 clinics across 8 states, and these will be included in the next updated version of the mapper.

The folks at Paladina have been authoring Webinars on their own site (not open access).  At the time of this post, five of their "Health Webinar Replays" are available on YouTube.   The group has a small blog as well.  It looks like they could be aggregating some useful data for the DPC movement, or at least for their own marketing purposes (also not open access).  

So... if anyone at Paladina is reading this - consider this an open invitation to join the DPC community in an active way - consider attending the DPC Summit, supporting the efforts of the DPC Coalition, or publishing your data so that we might add it to our list of academic articles. Some of Paladina's practice locations (those I could find) will be included in next updated version of the mapper, but I would be happy to include a comprehensive list if anyone at Paladina would like that - just send me an email (