Congrats to Oklahoma! - State Legislative Review

Wonderful news came out of Oklahoma two days ago.  The OK state became the 10th state to pass DPC legislation.  Congratulations to Rob Bartlett and the many others who worked to make the legislation a priority!  In my opinion Oklahoma has the best DPC legislation to date. Fortunately only two of the ten DPC laws passed to date are examples of "Bad Law" that harmed (more than helped) the DPC movement.

1) West Virginia 2006 (Bad law)
2) Washington    2007
3) Oregon            2011 (Bad law)
4) Utah                 2012
5) Arizona           2014
6) Louisiana        2014
7) Michigan         Jan 10, 2015
8) Mississippi      Mar 18, 2015
9) Idaho               Apr 9, 2015
10) Oklahoma      Apr 21, 2015

If you are working on legislation in your state, be sure to keep the rest of the DPC community involved.  Review the Model Legislation promoted by the DPC Coalition.  Reach out to us, the DPC Coalition, or your favorite other supporting organization for assistance. 

If you happen to be located in Florida, Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire or Texas be sure to follow, weigh in, and support their pending DPC legislation as well.