Occupational Safety & Health Administration Standards (OSHA)

Compared to other federal regulations OSHA receives less attention.  It was enacted in 1970 and has not changed much since it's enactment.  Aspects of this law are well covered in other settings, and we will not spend detailed time discussing it here.  We recommend you start by reviewing this US Dept of Labor's Medical Office Guide to Compliance with OSHA Standards.  Many great review articles are available; Medical Economics published a review by Wayne Guglielmo entitled "A Physician's Guide to OSHA Regulations" which might also be a helpful starting point.  

Here are a few OSHA items worth noting:

1) If you are a solo DPC physician with zero employees - congratulations, you do not need to worry about OSHA.
2) Place the required OSHA poster on a wall in your practice where employees will see it
3) Review all standards, especially the Bloodborn Pathogen and Hazard Communication standards