2019 DPC Legislative Activity

2019 DPC Legislative Activity

2019 Efforts So Far

Here are the NOT INSURANCE efforts:

Arizona (HB 2113) (SB 1105).
Georgia SB 18
Hawaii SB 232
Maryland HB 0315 and SB 0315
Minnesotas SF 277
New Hampshire HB 508
South Carolina SB 0445

Here are the PILOT PROGRAM efforts (Medicaid and state employees):

Indiana SB 470
Missouri HB 233
Minnesota HF 718
Oklahoma SB 386
Tennessee HB 0894 and SB 0696
Virginia HB 2456

Here are the FEDERAL TAX CORRECTION efforts:

SB12 - The Health Savings Act of 2019.
HR 603
HR 457

Data Released in ChenMed Study

Gordon Chen, MD and others at ChenMed have done the DPC movement (and primary care in general) a data favor with their new study entitled High-Touch Care Leads to Better Outcomes and Lower Costs in a Senior Population.  While ChenMed uses a Medicare Advantage model (similar to Iora Health) that is not common for stand alone DPC practices, there are lots of similarities that are worth observing.  Their data reviewed care for 17,711 patients receiving care between 01/02/2014 and 03/27/2015.