1) Dispense with Andameds or another wholesaler when possible.
2) Avoid using "plans" which inflate & hide prices through PBMs.
3) GoodRx and Blink Health are good free coupon options for using local pharmacies and looking for generic discounts.  Medicare patients may want to use this calculator to decide whether part D coverage is worth purchasing.
4) Sometimes small mail order pharmacies are the best option, examples include GenScripts (OK) & Marley Drug (NC)
5) In the rare scenario where generics are NOT an option using NeedyMeds as a source of aggregated ways to obtain discounted medications (often from the manufacturer) for your patients can be helpful.  If the patient does not qualify then medical tourism might be an economical option, even the CDC realizes this industry is growing.
6) Vaccinations are often available at low cost from health departments.  Some pharmacies (such as Costco) are starting to display pricing.

Labs, Path & Radiology

Quest Diagnostics (with an example from AtlasMD
BioReference Labs
Local labs - might offer competitive prices  

Aurora Diagnostics
Cole Diagnostics

Many listed as Kempton Premier Providers

Surgery / other

There are lots of transparent pricing resources to choose among.  Their accuracy and helpfulness often varies by geographic region:
The Source (on Healthcare Price and Competition) 
The Wedge of Health Freedom (may be a good way to locate like minded specialist physicians for referral purposes)
Banner Health contains links to internal and external prices

Surgery Centers:
Surgery Center of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, OK)
Good Shepherd Health System (Longview, TX)
Ocean Surgery Center (Torrance, CA)
Regency Health (New York NY)
Southwest Orthopedic Associates (Fort Worth, TX)
Many listed as Kempton Premier Providers