My Full Commentary to Medical Economics (Updated)

I'm often asked for my commentary in a variety of media sources.  On May 18, 2017 I was asked to provide comments for a untitled Medical Economics Article.  I provided detailed commentary and few of those comments were used in a manner that might lead readers to believe I am pessimistic about the DPC movement.  This is not the case!  I am happy to report that the Medical Economics article has since been updated and now fairly presents my commentary.  As a reference I am leaving my full thoughts below.

Data Efforts, DC Policy Update, Qliance, AL = #22

This post will focus on three topics: 1) DPC data accumulation efforts, 2) the new HHS (Trump) policy proposal favoring DPC, and 3) my thoughts about a recent news story covering the Qliance closure.  Thanks to Governor Ivey's signature today Alabama is now the 22nd state to pass DPC legislation (it will likely be mentioned here in the next few days).  Maine is the only state with active legislation remaining in the 2017 session.